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Zarafshan cityIn Navoi region has a small but surprisingly beautiful and modern city - the city of Zarafshan. By the way, the name of the city means "gold-bearing." No wonder it is called a "miracle in the desert", because it is located near the center of the Kyzyl Kum desert! This young city is considered one of the most developed towns of the country. Today the population of the city of Zarafshan is more than 70 thousand people.

The story of Zarafshan began back to 1905, when on the world map has a place called Bessopan . And so, in 1912, it became clear that in Bessopana gold deposits were discovered . However, the construction of a town in the area was raised only 28 years later , in 1940. After a while , the Great Patriotic War , and plans for the construction of the city were torn ... But finally , at the end of the 1950s it was decided to build the village. So , September 10, 1964 were landed builders started work on the creation of the city, received the first name Zolotogorsky . Since then , the founding date of the present city of Zarafshan began to consider this day .

Experts geological crews who arrived at the construction site in advance and lived in harsh desert conditions in tents and wooden huts, closely followed construction work. Despite all the hardships, all understood the importance of this subject and endured everything. Thus, as soon as possible was erected the first batch of steel plant, continuously develop unique gold deposit.
Special date in the history of the Zarafshan is May 27, 1969, when the city finally came water from the Amu Darya. For cities and industries, built in the desert, it was a welcome miracle. So, after a while they released their first gold bar of the highest order. The weight of the ingot was almost 12 pounds! Thus, the gold mining Muruntau was about 30% of the total gold production in the USSR.

Zarafshan city , without doubt , be called flourishing in every sense of the word. First, the gold mining provides a very high income. Second, the city government spent a lot of resources to the social sector . Zarafshan is unique in that the architects did not have suburbs. Because of this he seems to be a wall there in the desert , hitting buildings 9 -storey houses, suddenly appearing as if from nowhere. Third, the city is inherent in a clear layout, lots of green , lots of different fountains. And it all makes Zarafshan an oasis in the middle of the Kyzyl-Kum desert .In addition , the city has 12 neighborhood houses Suites project designers of the era , culture , sports , health and other public facilities , swimming pool , beautiful parks .

Zarafshan is famous for its sporting traditions. Local teams in sports such as football, volleyball, weightlifting , swimming, and many others, not only invited to his colleagues on the competition , but they themselves are involved in many competitions. Some of the local athletes have even taken part in the Olympic Games.Recently, the city of Zarafshan are many sports : Asian Powerlifting Championships in 2003, the Asian championship in weightlifting in 2004 , an international tournament in sailing among the CIS countries , and many other events . In 2004 alone , the city has held 150 sports activities at various levels. Zarafshan athletes in individual sports have achieved high performance : swimmers took part in the Olympic Games , the football team , " Kum " and still plays in the top league of Uzbek football , while it firmly maintains its position among the leaders .

In Zarafshan also available fearless motocross, which keep the leadership in national competitions for several years. A team of Powerlifting is a direct party to a number of world championships, achieving significant results, winning the highest awards.In addition, in Zarafshan is very popular among the youth sailing. The local team is currently making good progress. They are - in many international competitions and are always on the leading positions.

A few years ago in the city opened section of parachuting , and now it has become increasingly popular among city dwellers. On account of the parachute team " Zar- Dan" a lot of awards , prizes and diplomas. Zarafshan athletes also took part in the competition for the CIS Cup , where they won an honorable third place . Zarafshan is a remoteness from other settlements, for this reason, the local population loves to entertain themselves organizing unique holidays. A special place among them professional holidays : Days of employees of mining and metallurgical industry, Energy Day , the Day of the Builder 's Day Motorist . Surprisingly, it is not just the calendar dates , the townspeople thoroughly prepared for the holidays , organize festivities .

In [url = http://nav.uz/gorod-navoi/13875-chudo-v-pustyne-gorod-zarafshan.html] Zarafshan city [/ url] operates several large industrial companies, including:

- State Enterprise "NMSC" (gold mining and processing);
- "Amantay Gold Fields" (gold mining and processing);
- AS "Flow" (meat and dairy products);
- Knitting Factory "Agama";
- Plant for the production of emulsion-explosives.
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