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Nurata and Chashma

Nurata and Chashma" Chashma " - a place where people of faith can make a pilgrimage . This is one of the most important religious centers of Islam in the region. The complex of religious buildings " Chashma " ( Chashma - spring - Tajik word) includes a spring, well, the Juma Mosque ( Jammu and Chilsutun ) , Mazar - Nur Ata , a cad ( bath) .

Round Jamma Mosque is located directly above the source , and there there are exactly 40 columns. Dome with a diameter of about 16 meters - one of the largest and most beautiful in Central Asia. It is very good acoustics . The most interesting thing is that the words spoken in a whisper mikhrab niche, clearly audible throughout the mosque. According to the guides, in four places under the dome of the mosque in the wall sunk into large hum ( pitchers ) , which give a resonating effect. In the south- eastern side of the spring is mazar Nur -ata and buried the remains of the saint.

In the southern part , over the spring another canopy under which there is a " burial of his wife and mother Nur -ata ." Hence the name of the town has gone. On the origin of the name of the town there are many versions. This - the first :According to a local legend, supposedly 40,000 years ago the meteorite fell , which emits light. At the crash crater and scored a wonderful source of water which has medicinal properties . People found the meteorite fall manifestation of divine grace - "Allah has given us Nur" ( nur - ray). Hence , according to another legend, the city was born .

The water temperature in the holy Nurota constant source - 19.5 degrees. In water , research experts found microelements 15 , including gold , silver , iodine, bromine. Due to silver , the water does not deteriorate even after long storage. Contained therein bromo calming effect and beneficial effect on the human body with nervous disorders , moreover, it cures and gastrointestinal tract. Later in the morning , approaching people in cars to get water in two or three cans and many plastic bottles .

Sacred place " Chashma " Through the whole complex " Chashma " spring water flows through irrigation ditches , which is swarming with fish whole flocks of marinka .

What surprises the traveler , as is the abundance of fish in a spring ( Marinka - Uzbek . " Karabalik " - " black fish " ) . A place that attracts many pilgrims and tourists because you can feed the fish , watch the whole pack rushes to a piece of bread. Fish is considered sacred , and the catch is it can not . The man who still decided to catch and eat it, get sick and die , or his body is covered with white spots . Fishes live here in freedom . Together with a spring it has legal status of the sacred . There are quite large specimens , which to the eye is pulled by two to three kilograms . This is one of the wonders of Nurata .

The walls of the well and finished in the spring here the raw stone, and on both sides of a spring built a comfortable approach to it. Water is considered to be therapeutic , and scientists have identified several trace elements in it . The water temperature constant, and is kept at around 19.5 degrees. Celsius. Debit of spring more than 400 hundred liters per second.

In Nurata in ancient times was built a unique system of underground drainage canals - qanats . This peculiar method of storage , purification and distribution of ground water was distributed throughout Central Asia, and Nuratin kyarizes have survived to our time are of great interest and have practical application in the local population.
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