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Sarmyshsay, base rock paintings

Sarmyshsay, base rock paintingsAmong the many many famous tourist destinations in our vast country are becoming more commonplace sights Navoi region. Today the emphasis enjoys located in the tract Sarmysh - sai largest gallery in the land of ancient rock paintings.

Sarmysh Gorge is located in the mountain ridge between Tau cities such as Navoi and Nurat near the mountain pass of Kara- Hag . The mere appearance of the mysterious and majestic mountain range to even the most experienced traveler promises to meet with a secret. Stone terraces cascade down the steep slopes of the mountains . Piled everywhere arches and grottos of the crumbling schist create the impression of a different reality .

The pure air and the pungent aroma of mountain herbs reminiscent of prehistoric times, when in these places there were the beginnings of civilization. 

This is evidenced by a recognized scholar in the world 's largest gallery in the world of rock paintings . On the territory of two kilometers long located about four thousand petroglyphs are engraved on the black shale . The so-called surface "mirror slip " generated by friction of igneous rocks against each other in the process of formation of the rocks were created by nature canvas for ancient artists.

Similar patterns scientists have found in the mountain caves of China and Spain, but so many cave paintings , executed in sequence at different times and ages as the gorge Sarmysh - sai does not exist anywhere in the world. The age of the oldest and most primitive images from different sources is determined from 7 years to 9000 . They depict hunters surrounded by potential prey or defend themselves from predators . Later , with the development of civilization, a number of plot becomes much more interesting. There are pictures of ritual and domestic scenes . Displaying domestic animals: cows, horses , camels , sheep , dogs, speaking eloquently about the fertility of these places.

There are those petroglyphs depicting figures that scientists conventionally attributed to the cult , as the origin and destination of their unknown.Amazing sense of awe at the sight of you cover story immortalized in the second parking lot. The eternal theme - a man and a woman. Even in the old days the artist was trying to convey their feelings , which resulted in them where it came down from heaven figurine little man .

Numerous petroglyphs and thematically varied in technique . For example , some triturated performed on fat ocher other engraved on the surface of brittle shale likely already using metal tools. Younger petroglyphs heyday of the Scythian civilization. Related Scythian tribes Sogds masagetov and engaged in cattle breeding , were unsurpassed warriors - the horse archers . The figure of the horsemen , armed soldiers are different kind of grace. 

Herodotus , these tribes worshiped the sun . Sun they sacrificed the best horses. The meaning of this sacrifice was the fact that the fastest god need to sacrifice the fastest creature in the world . The symbol of this cult was captured in a remarkably beautiful figure: gracefully taken the buck to each other by two horses .

Dating from the twelfth century AD, in the valley come Sufi dervishes , so the figures appear Arabic script about the life of strangers and their followers. One of the latest inscriptions dated to the 18th century.The researchers involved in the study of rock paintings in the valley Sarmysh say that among the four thousand rock paintings have never met a recurring or similar petroglyphs. Each petroglyph - is unique, and each series of images appears as a stage in the development of civilization.

A special place among rock art canyon occupied by the so-called images of space aliens - the double-headed human figures in spacesuits . These petroglyphs have recently attracted a lot of gorge Sarmysh curious tourists from all over the world.Yet the most attractive in this area is the fact that to date it appears before our looks almost the same pristine and pure as it was in ancient times, at the dawn of civilization ...
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