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Navoi city

Navoi cityNavoi city like other cities has its own history . February 20, 1958 came the founding document - Resolution of the Council of Ministers on the establishment of the plant number 2 (later, in 1967, it will be called the Navoi Mining and Chemical Complex ) for the extraction and processing of uranium ores. Under the regulations already in 1959 began construction of the city of Navoi as the center of this plant. At that time, a heightened pace was built and Uchkuduk . Already in 1964 the mill was commissioned to create a structural unit which will deal with the mining and processing of gold in Central Kyzyl Kum . Cetra gold production was the city of Zarafshan .At present, the city of Navoi has all the attributes of a modern city. Let's take a look at the unique history of the city in the picture :

The authors of the master plan again to rebuild the city of Navoi were : A. Korotkov, VN Ivanov , IB Orlov, NI Simonov and engineer Mr. P. Smorodin . For conversion to the life of the plan of the Leningrad architects in 1969 was awarded the State Prize of the former Soviet Union.

The award is issued howled knowingly Even at the start of his design work on paper by erecting the city of Navoi , architects and builders are faced with many difficulties and challenges: climatic , technical, social and others. The architects had to literally live on the site.

We love you, Navoi- city of children, youth and love! Originality for the city of Navoi, is the large number of breakout (access) and gallery houses, the use of small architectural forms (like dragons and stroy.elementov), an abundance of green space and trees, fountains and pools that give the city a unique and individual look.

The newly erected building , engineering and irrigation facilities are being built on the sands of the Kyzyl Kum , where the nature of their summer hot climate prevented the construction of comfort . Temperature of the air in those years reached up to 43 - 46 ° C and salinity of soil subsidence and increased aggressiveness to metal and concrete. In fact, the complete absence in the early 1960s, base construction and most of the traditional building materials - bricks, wood , cement, very challenging , and limited areas between Carman and zhd.stantsiey suitable for the development of the city , forced to revise the master plan and adapt it to local conditions .

Today город Навои has a finished look and a unique pattern in urban development in Uzbekistan and the former Soviet Union. Beginning in 2010, is actively building a new Navoi the street Tarabi, with modern high-rise buildings, shopping centers, new academic buildings and buildings munitsypialnogo management. New sports centers, a new modern stadium, swimming pools - all of these new objects once again confirm the prospective expansion of the city in s.h Narpay and joining his 1-office to the city of Navoi in 2015.

But! It would not have developed the city of Navoi, before our eyes, it will remain young, sandy, vast and beloved Navoi! We love you!
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