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Navoi City, Reshetnika street-2
Gulmira hotel offers first-class service: Tourism and travel to the historical cities - Samarkand and Bukhara. The convenient location of the city of Navoi - predispose to visit the cities with the
Tourism services to Bukhara and Samarkand
Gulmira Hotel offers free high-speed Internet technology - Wi-Fi in the best tradition of hotel service.
Free Wi-Fi Internet
Hotel Gulmira always goes towards its guests - offers a office service: Receiving and sending documents by fax and e-mail, black-and-white and color printing, photocopy and others.
Office Services of Hotel Gulmira
Gulmira Hotel is happy to arrange your stay in Navoi as convenient and comfortable. We will arrange your meeting from the airport, train station and bus station, followed by seeing off. Comfortable
Taxi services, meeting and seeing off
There is professional parking and car wash in a specialized center in the Hotel Gulmira. With us is cose and easy!
Parking and car wash
Hotel Gulmira offers laundry and ironing your clothes and things. High-quality washing and ironing will make you look fit and beautiful.
Laundry and ironing
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